2020 Annual Meeting

Serving our Community 24/7

2020 Annual Meeting

On December 8th, 2020, we held our Annual Business meeting. At this meeting we recapped the year prior and held elections for 2021 Department Officers and Company Board of Directors.

Throughout the year of 2020 we ran over 330 calls between fires, motor vehicle accidents, and EMS calls.

We also were able to award a member his lifetime membership after hitting his 20 years serving with the department. Great job Firefighter Ben Watkins!

Help us congratulate the following people for their roles in the department for the upcoming year.

  • Chief – Dennis (Howie) Simmons
  • Deputy Chief – Tim Flynn
  • Assistant Chief – Marcus Todd
  • Fire Captain – Ralph (Skip) DeForest
  • Rescue Captain – Fidelio Collacchi
  • Fire Police Captain – Candie Denmeade

The following people people will be holding offices on the company side for 2021

  • President – Kim Thompson Howard
  • Vice President – Jane DeForest
  • Treasurer – Candie Denmeade
  • Secretary – Edward Swackhamer
  • Building Clerk – Dale Lamphear
  • Board of Directors – Joe Watkins
  • Sargent at Arms – Edward Swackhamer

Thank you to all of our members and community members for a great 2020!